Ron Vollo, Ted Vollo & Lauren Wilson


By appointment only.

Summerland Heritage Cider Company, 3113 Johnson Street, Summerland, BC

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Here in Summerland, we're passionate about cider. Our focus is on quality, and we believe we have achieved something pretty close to perfection. What sets us apart is that our all-juice cider is made using European cider apple varieties that we grow ourselves in our own orchards.


Ted Vollo & Lauren Wilson

Number of ciders:

5 main blends and 7+ small-batch seasonals

Cider styles available:

Traditional and modern blends of vintage and European cider specific apples with dessert varieties

If I had to try just one thing from your cidery?

Our flagship semi-dry “Tuesday‘s Original”

Why did you choose Summerland?

We have grown fruit in Summerland for 35+ years. The cidery is an extension of that.

Is there anything else to see, taste or do at your cidery?

A walk along Trout Creek either for a closer look at the historic Kettle Valley Railway train bridge or the mouth of the creek as it enters Okanagan Lake. Picnic amongst rows of Gala and Ambrosia apples.