Nathan Rosin


April: Friday-Sunday 2:00pm–7:00pm
May-December: Thursday-Sundays 12:00pm–6:00pm

#104 – 9503 Cedar Ave, Summerland, BC

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Number of beers:

We currently have between 2 — 5, however with 12 taps we’re aiming to have 12 beers on tap at some point.

Flagship beer:

Call the Hops IPA

Where is your beer sold?

At the taproom and liquor stores.

Why did you choose Summerland?

Summerland doesn’t have any other breweries and it is beautiful. About a month after leasing the space, as I was working away with the sun shining and the steam train going by, I knew I had picked a good location.

Favourite thing to do in Summerland away from brewery?

Away from brewery, when does that happen?! I would say all of the events that are put on in the district are pretty awesome, definitely some good family events.

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