Bottleneck Drive is a group of Summerland area wineries that offer wines and vistas as diverse as the hard working, friendly people that welcome you there.




Experience Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive wineries; a unique group of award winning wineries offering distinctive wines and charming personalities.

Enjoy the warm community environment and beautiful scenery while touring winding roads to our award winning wineries – each with its own story to tell. Meet friendly proprietors, knowledgeable staff and talented wine makers, while sampling a variety of high-end wines.

Download Summerland’s Bottleneck Drive Wine Route Map or ask for it at Okanagan Visitor Centers. Once in Summerland, touring our wineries is easy, just follow a Bottle Neck Drive highway sign to the nearest winery. Friendly staff will gladly guide you to your next destination!




  • A beautiful, scenic route connects all of Summerland’s Bottle Neck Drive wineries. It is a comfortable, well signed, easy to follow drive that offers sweeping views of vineyards, orchards and Okanagan Lake with new discoveries around each corner.


Pouring With Friends

  • Download our map here or pick one up at Okanagan Visitors and from member wineries.


  • Use the map to find all of our wineries AND by collecting a stamp from 5 members, you can enter for a chance to win our monthly draw of a case of wine!